Funeral Home, Cemetery and Cremation Services Arrangements Planning Kit

Funeral Home, Cemetery, Cremation, Living Will and Casket Final Arrangements planning instructions information to include begins here. If you follow the Preplanning topic links, you should be able to get a good idea of what you will want to have in your personal final arrangements when their finished without even a Funeral Home helping.

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Give Your Loved Ones Peace, Comfort and Safety.
Your family deserve the Peace, Comfort and Safety only you can provide by leaving them a clear and precise Final Arrangements Plan for you. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money and it doesn't even take a lot of time to complete your plans if you use the Planning Kit from The Final Arrangements Network

Your Final Arrangements Planning Kit Allows You to Easily Cover All of These Important Family Decisions in the Privacy of Your Own Home:

Preplanning Creation of a Personal Final Arrangement Plan

As you go through the areas in the arrangement process, keep this in mind, none of the planning requires you to spend money.

You deciding on Funeral Home X and Cemetery Y as part of your plan, does not mean, if you don't go out, today, and purchase what you have decided on, you haven't done any planning of your final arrangements.

You are making choices, which are the important decisions that, ultimately, accomplish the goal most mature adults make final arrangements for, to save loved ones the agony of trying to do what they think you wanted done.

As long as you save these plans, let your family know they exist and where they are, you have done a most wonderful and courageous thing.

Each area is an aspect of arrangement planning you need to think about. Click on the listed title and you will go to that arrangement area's page. Information there, hopefully will be helpful in developing your own personal arrangements.

You will find Links to related sites that can increase your knowledge further about that aspect of the planning process.

Making Sure Your Preplanning Arrangements Get Carried Out

If it can't be found or one knows it exists, the work done won't accomplish the goal. A Private Arrangement File account from FAN could insure your arrangements actually get carried out.

The Private File

Do It Yourself Work Sheets

Actually Make Your Final Arrangements Plans Yourself. Use The Final Arrangements Work Sheet System. Its Free, Fast, Private and Easy to Use. Pick the type of The Final Arrangements You want to Work With.
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Providing My Personal Information

There is important and required information about you that others will need. This is the information that is necessary by those that have to coordinate events and legal aspects when someone dies. There is also private information about your end of life decisions you need to keep. We therefore encourage "Special" treatment for these types of choices.

Personal Information

Special Information

Questions and Answers About Planning & Our Forms
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Preplanning Funeral Home Arrangements Services

This difficult process can be made more manageable and less traumatic for a family if proper advanced planning is done.

Preplanning Funeral Arrangements Services

Preplanning Arrangements for Cremation

A fast growing choice of more individuals. Economics sometimes overshadow the planning that is required to make this the right choice and not just the economical one.

Cremation Preplanning

Gathering My Financial Estate Information

The issues of wills, insurance, property, trusts, banks, real estate are all part of the planning process. Proper planning for retirement, long term care, investment decisions, etc, are always considerations of well thought out arrangements.

Financial Information


Preplanning Funeral Home Arrangements for Memorials, Caskets, Vaults & Urns

Choices, costs and emotions mark this aspect of Final Arrangements planning. If choices can be made in advance, a great deal of confusion, economic hardship, guilt and stress can be eliminated before the final emergency event takes place.

Preplanning Memorials Caskets/Urns/Vaults

Preplanning Arrangements for Burial or Entombment in a Mausoleum

A traditional burial or use of a Mausoleum has a multitude of questions that need to be addressed in the final plan.

Preplanning Mausoleums/Cemeteries

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