The Final Arrangements Network's Duty to Protect Client Privacy
The Final Arrangements Network

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The Final Arrangements Network's Duty to Protect Your Privacy. 
Not a just a serious concern but rather a critical integral part of our services to you.

Whenever you must, due to a death,  or decide, as part of a plan,  to make Final Arrangements of any kind, it is above all a very private undertaking. We at The Final Arrangements Network take our duty to protect your privacy not just as a serious concern but a critical and integral part of our service to you. You need to know how we carry that out for whatever or whenever  you come to us for service or information:

Buyers Our Buyers Request Service is conducted in a completely confidential manner. At no time is your name or any information about you given out to anyone. You are sent offers we receive that match your criteria by us. You get all the information we will have requested for you; which will include location, type of property, pricing, property details and contact information. It will be entirely in your hands to contact the seller or not. [Click for more Buyer's Request Service information]

Sellers The only investment you will ever make is $89.95 for a Standard Registration or $99.95 for Absolute Privacy. You will never be contacted to pay more and you will stay registered until you sell or tell us you no longer wish to be listed. Handling that one time fee for processing, your registration, is your choice. If using a credit card you will do it with one of the Internet's most trusted online credit card services PayPal. You can also simply send in a check which eliminates the Internet entirely for this. As to your selling information, we only will use that information you allow us to present to buyers this usually consists of your phone number and email if you give it. Other information we request is held in the strictest of confidence, such as your address. If a potential buyer asked us for your address in order to write to you we will contact you first, to get your permission, before giving it out. [Click for more about Selling Cemetery Lots]

Planners As you use any of our online planning forms, you need to know  when you are done no records are kept by Final Arrangements. When you click out of any form the information is erased. There are no cookies or other computer mumbo-jumbo spying programs or tools allowed by Final Arrangements. No one is ever allowed  to track you. [Click for more information about Final Arrangements Planning]

Information Seekers Your requests for information are handled with extreme care. We will always try to lead you to the answers you seek. Final Arrangements is a Consumer Information Service Company. We are not connected to or affiliated with any one else in the death care industry. We do not sell or give anyone's email out to anyone for any purpose unless we contact you first to get your permission. We usually give you contact information if we have it to those we think may be able to be of service to you. It is always left to your discretion whether you contact these sources or not. [Click for Directory of Final Arrangements Information Subjects]

Support If you use our Support and consulting services to help you in your preparation of a personal final arrangements plan all our dealings with you in letter form, email, telephone or otherwise are kept in the strictest of confidence. Nothing between us is ever shared with outsiders unless we have contacted you first and gotten your permission. [Click for more information on Final Arrangements Support and Consultation]