Safe Keeping Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation Final Arrangements

final arrangements preplanning safe keeping program

When You Can't Be There to make it all Right 

Your SafeKeep©  file will....
Comfort them
Guide them
Help them know they are doing it right!
Let them do these final things for you,
just when, all they can think of is what 
could they do.


Timely Benefits

  • No internet exposure to you secret papers.
  • World Wide Access the moment an Emergency occurs.
  • Your Plans  and Thoughts - Directly from You!
  • Exactly as you wrote them down.
  • Delivered in minutes. Wherever they are.
  • Sent anywhere in the world.
  • Personal Laminated Emergency Card you carry.
  • Inexpensive 

large pix Emergency Cards

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SafeKeep Systems©
Get Unprecedented Plan Security

The Final Arrangements Legal Documents Center
Access to Just about Every Legal Document You will Need for Estate Planning and Final Arrangements


Your SafeKeep© File 

The Virtual Safe Deposit Box.

Reliable, long term assurance arrangement plans, information and other important documents will be safe and secure. Any important document or information you care to put there will be there. 

  • Will your family know were your documents and final arrangements are kept?

  • Will they know what to look for?

  • Can they easily get to them in a time of crisis if they are not close by?

  • Are there documents or information you need to insure aren't misplaced or lost?

Easy to Start & Update 

1.  Decide on your plans permanent record form; electronic or paper. 

2.  Create the plan. 

3.  Send the plan to us via; Fax, US Mail or as an Email Attachment.

4.  We will verify receipt, via Email, and enclose your Private File/ Emergency Card registration.

5.   Your Emergency card will be sent with account opening confirmation.

6.   Your file will be activated and placed in our data storage system.

7.    You make changes any time you want.

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Ensure your plan's security and yet make it accessible to your family immediately, when it's needed anywhere in the world.

SafeKeep Systems© exclusively offered only by Final Arrangements Network worldwide.  

 It Must Be Expensive to Keep My Arrangements This Well Protected and Always Available For an Emergency ?

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