Safe Keep Funeral & Cemetery Plans with a Final Emergency Card

Individual, Personal, Confidential Guidance from Start to Finish on Your Final Arrangements.

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Just Want An Emergency Card?

Once you have made your plans using our forms, you may feel comfortable just keeping them at home, possibly, with your local funeral or cemetery director. Yet, you want  to insure your plans are found and carried out, which is the primary purpose of  carrying an Emergency Card.

You can create your own card with your own personal directions and maintain those plans privately yourself, using our site to change your plans anytime you wish, rather than changing your SafeKeep File. 

You only pay for the preparing of your card, and S&H.  $6.95 per card created. Click above to create your own Emergency Card.

Create Your Own Emergency Card Online!

Open SafeKeep File Account 

  • Your own Personal E-Safe Deposit Box
  • A Personal Emergency Card to carry
  • Always access to your SafeKeep  File
  • No misplaced or lost Arrangement Plans
  • Year after Year Security
  • Priceless Emotional Peace of Mind

Your Emergency Card Ensures.... 

No matter where or when that final emergency happens, you wisely provided your family a gift of peace of mind few others have ever provided. You have for less than a penny a day given a priceless solution to what could have been a devastating emotional and financial nightmare.

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