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Final Arrangements Network's Life Settlements Services and The Benefits


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Life Settlements have become the #1 financial tool used to reduce or eliminate expensive life insurance premiums for senior's. The most obvious benefit of Life Settlements to senior policy owners is the new money created above cash surrender value. The additional funds can be used in many ways to improve a seniors financial position. The most common is to use the new larger sum of money created by the Life Settlement to fund a new more suitable policy with lower premiums. This saves the policy owner money on an annual basis. While this is the most common use, there are many possible benefits for a Life Settlement.

What are the benefits of the Life Settlement option?

  • Fund a single premium Annuity/Life
  • Fund new needed Annuities, Life Insurance, Long-Term Care or Investments
  • Create more comfortable retirement years
  • Fund the purchase of a needed survivorship policy
  • Settle personal or business debts proactively
  • Bestow cash gifts to family members or charities
  • Reduce or eliminate future Life Insurance premiums
  • Maintain a lifestyle despite changes in finances or health
  • Activate income from an inactive asset
  • A more profitable alternative than surrender or lapse


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