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Life Settlements Questions Seniors May Have

Final Arrangements Network's Life Settlements Service - Questions You May Have.

Life Settlements "Found Money" 
for Financial and Final Arrangements Planning!

Life Settlements:
A financial tool used by senior policy owners applied to life insurance creating money in excess of cash surrender value.
synonymous with: Senior Settlement

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What are Life Settlements?
A financial tool used by senior policy owners and financial advisors applied to life insurance creating money in excess of cash surrender value.

Life Settlements, also known as a senior settlement or viatical settlement, give a policy owner a cash settlement in excess of (sometimes double or even triple) their current cash surrender value.

You can now turn that poor performing life policy into a significant financial asset.

The majority of life settlements transactions are entered into for the purpose of purchasing other valuable insurance and financial products. (i.e. annuities, LTC, current generation life products.)

Life settlements also present insured individuals with a more desirable alternative to:

  • A 1035 exchange
  • Surrendering a life policy
  • Letting a life policy lapse

Life settlements are the opportunity to provide a highly profitable alternative to those who are over age 65, or any age living with a serious illness. Financial professionals all across the country are building a significant profit center by offering their clients life settlements. This can be done without altering your focus or changing your current business plan.

Financial and estate planning needs are constantly changing and the demand for more flexible financial tools is evident and quickly increasing. A life settlement can help you meet these challenges with great monetary benefits to you.

Why would someone consider Life Settlements?

  • Reduce or Eliminate Life Insurance Premiums
  • Create more comfortable retirement years
  • Fund new needed Annuities, Life Insurance, Long-Term Care or Investments
  • Fund the purchase of a needed survivorship policy
  • Settle personal or business debts proactively
  • Bestow cash gifts to family members or charities
  • Boost cash flow with the elimination of future premiums
  • Maintain a lifestyle despite changes in finances or health
  • Activate income from an inactive asset
  • A more profitable alternative than surrender or lapse

What types of policies are considered for Life Settlements?
Almost any type of life insurance…

  • Term
  • Universal life
  • Whole life
  • Survivorship
  • Key-man Insurance

owned by…

  • An individual
  • Trust
  • Corporation
  • Charitable organization

How much will I receive for my policy?
There are many factors that determine the Life Settlements offer amounts:

  • Age
  • Premiums
  • Client's health
  • Type of policy
  • Insurance company rating
  • Policy size
  • Competitive bidding

As a general rule: age, health and future premiums are the primary factors that determine the amount of the Life Settlement offer.

Who makes the remaining premium payments?
The funding institution will pay all future premiums after the Life Settlement transaction.

Are there any restrictions with the proceeds from Life Settlements?
Life Settlements proceeds are unrestricted and can be used in any way you choose.

How long does it take for Life Settlements?
The offer process generally takes four to six weeks. If you accept the offer, you normally see payment within one month - approximately six weeks total from the time of qualification to receipt of proceeds.

Is there any obligation?
There is no obligation to accept Life Settlements' offers.

What if I change my mind?
There is never a cost or obligation for applying for Life Settlements, nor an obligation to accept any Life Settlement Offer presented to you. Every Life Settlement transaction has a 15-day rescission period. As the previous policy owner, you can change your mind and get the policy transferred back to you within fifteen days after receiving your funds.

Are the proceeds taxable?
As with all financial decisions, you should consult a professional tax advisor. In general, Life Settlements proceeds are:

  • Tax free up to the amount invested (Premium Payments)
  • As ordinary income up to cash surrender value
  • And as capital gains above cash surrender value


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