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An Important Assurance to You, Our Client, from The Final Arrangements Network


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Why Choose Final Arrangements

Final Arrangements Network offers what we feel is the very best opportunity for you to realize the most you can from a Life Settlement. As with all things we do, our concern and interest lies squarely with our clients, you!

We, therefore have sought out the very highest quality experts in the field of Life Settlements who advocate for you the client. This is to ensure you are given not just one offer for your Life Settlement but a number of them from the top companies who provide this kind of financial arrangement. 

Your Advocate will come from the The Ferrante Agency of New York. The Ferrante Agency's is a duly licensed Life Settlements company.  The Ferrante Agency's first critical function, on your behalf, is to discuss with you your information and begin the process of gathering the required personal and medical information they will need to insure you the highest value offers available. 

Once begun by your advocate, you can be assured that The Ferrante Agency and its specialists in Life Settlements will go to work for your interests.  

What is very important to know for your Advocate, the Ferrante Agency, is that the Life Settlement funding network they deal with consists of some of the financial industries largest and most respected institutional Life Settlement funding entities. 

When you fill out your request for contact, you can be assured the licensed advocate for you will be representing you to these companies and be fighting for the largest amount possible for you. 

Our advocates are pledged to be independent of any of the companies they will be representing you to. They, like your attorney or CPA would, are to be on your side and fight for your interests.

Final Arrangements Network assures you we have looked into this very important financial tool for you and have assured ourselves that what we are offering as our Life Settlements Service to our clients is what we would want for ourselves as individuals when we seek a Life Settlement.  As you, our client, go through this rather simple process but important financial transaction to your financial security, you can be assured we have made certain, your interests will be the focus of all our and our advocates attention. 

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