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Evergreen Memorial Gardens

Property Type:  CRYPTS 36 and 37

Mausoleum, Chapel of Serenity, with interior Crypts 36 and 37 located in Section CA, side by side at Level 4. Cemetery located 5 miles East of Carroll County Seat, at Westminster, Maryland. Price $4,800.00.

Evergreen Memorial Gardens

Property Type:  TWO (2) LOTS

Evergreen Memorial Gardens, just outside of Baltimore on Route 140, Finksburg, Carroll County, Maryland, Garden of Devotion, Lot Number 1-A, two (2) Plots. Current market value in this Section is $2055 for each Plot. I am selling 2 LOTS for $3,000. Email quakeguard@yahoo.com. To enure that I am dealing with a serious buyer, All inquiries must provide name, email address, physical mailing address, and phone number so I can call you.

Evergreen Memorial Gardens

Property Type:  MAUSOLEUM

Crypt No. 37-D (for 2 persons) in the Chapel of Serenity, Evergreen Memorial Gardens, Finksburg, MD is for sale for $6,500. It is located to the right, inside the Chapel on the first Level.

Evergreen Memorial Gardens

Property Type: Private Owner Property Request

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