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Saint Gabriels Cemetery

Property Type:  (2) TWO DOUBLE PLOTS

Two adjacent double Plots (four people total) in St. Gabriels Cemetery, one of the most highly sought after, idyllic cemeteries in the DC area (10706 Alloway Dr. Potomac Falls, MD). Has been sold out for decades. Includes perpetual care. $35,000.00 for both Plots together or $20,000 for one Plot (open to reasonable offers).

Saint Gabriels Cemetery

Property Type: (1) One Double Plot (for 2) Traditional Burial Site

(1) One Double Plot for sale in St. Gabriel's Cemetery at 10706 Alloway Drive, Potomac, MD. This Double Plot holds 2 people.
This is a RARE Opportunity - St. Gabriel's Cemetery has been sold out for years: $8,000.00 – Open to reasonable offers.
**No waiting, papers filed ready for immediate transfer**