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Puritan Lawn Memorial Park

Property Type:  (2) ADJACENT DOUBLE LOTS WITH VAULTS (4 Burials)

Two Double Burial Lots (2 Vaults each Lot) currently valued at $8,900.00 if purchased new today. Offering each Double Lot at $3,800.00 each or $7,200.00 if purchased together, plus $100 fee from Funeral Home related to transfer of Lots. Beautiful Lake Suntaug borders this desirable part of the park with manicured lawns and mature pine and birch trees. Section S24, LotS 365B #�s 3 and 4.

From the website: http://www.puritanlawn.com/

Puritan Lawn Memorial Park, once a private estate, is situated on the shores of scenic Lake Suntaug 15 miles north of Boston in historic Peabody, Massachusetts.

Puritan Lawn is the oldest Memorial Park on the East Coast. In contrast to traditional Cemeteries, at Puritan Lawn, no Gravestones, Monuments, or ornate tombs interrupt the natural beauty of the landscape. Instead, elegant Bronze Memorials, flush with the ground, mark each Grave. Puritan Lawn Memorial Park, in its entirety, comprises 140 acres with broad avenues that wind their way alongside the water and through groves of pine and white birch. Quiet sitting areas and immaculately groomed lawns invite your visit.

Puritan Lawn Memorial Park


Memorial Park, Section G, Lot 1148. Current value $3,450.00, selling price $2,995.00 plus transfer fee of $150.00.
Puritan Lawn is more than a Cemetery. It's a serene Park, bordered by lakes and a natural preserve. It's a meticulously cared for setting where perpetual care ensures continuous upkeep. It's a setting of peace where you and your family can have peace of mind.*

* from Puritan Lawn website.

Puritan Lawn Memorial Park

Property Type:  (1) LOT (2) GRAVES

Puritan Lawn, Section M, Lot 616. Value $3,950 asking $2,950.

Puritan Lawn Memorial Park

Property Type:  LOT 320, SECTION L, (2) GRAVES

List price $3,950 - sell for $3,000.

Puritan Lawn Memorial Park

Property Type:  LOTS

2 adjacent Lots listed at $3,950. We offer them at discounted price of $2,900. Proceeds will benefit First Congregational Church in Stoneham.

Puritan Lawn Memorial Park

Property Type:  LOT (2) BURIALS

For sale 1 Lot, 2 Burials, Section S25. TBA. $4,300 or Best Offer.
Husband already has our burial arrangements. Don't need this one.

Puritan Lawn Memorial Park

Property Type:  LOT


Puritan Lawn Memorial Park


Crypt is located in Section G, Lot 1006, Grave #1. This is a Double Depth Crypt, and current sells at Puritan Lawn for a total of $7,300.00. ($5,150.00 for the Lot and $1,075 each for the Vaults). Our price is $4,995.00 plus buyers transfer costs of $150.00 for new deed.

Puritan Lawn Memorial Park


Lot with Double Crypt for sale in Section N11 overlooking lake in older portion of Puritan Lawn Memorial Park. Lot and Double Crypt value $3,675. Asking $3,400.

Puritan Lawn Memorial Park

Property Type: Private Owner Property Request

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